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380G Heavyweight Cotton Sweatshort

Sale price$44.50


Unisex Fit to Men’s Sizing, Women Should Size Down for a Less Oversized Fit.
Textile Science Meets Human Hands to Create Each Piece of Fabric On a Fine Loom
Combined Cozy Heavyweight Fabric for Give & Move Allows Just the Right Amount of Stiff to Soft Blend.
Custom woven heavy cotton fabric, soft to the touch, comfortable and skin-friendly.
Machine wash multiple times, quality as new.
Color:Black ST002
380G Heavyweight Cotton Sweatshort
380G Heavyweight Cotton Sweatshort Sale price$44.50

True Heavyweight Technology

Fabric Innovation

Our cozy heavyweight cotton fabric allows for the perfect blend of stiffness and softness, providing a comfortable and skin-friendly experience. We use 100% pure cotton for our fabric.

Carbon Neutral

We partnered with SimpliZero to offset the carbon footprint of our entire supply chain.

Fair Trade

We partner with Fair Trade factories to ensure safe working conditions, community support, and transparent supply chains.