How will you distinguish among wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic fibres?

There is basically three way to distinguish the textile fibre.
  • Feel test
  • Burning test
  • Solubility test
Among these burning test is most commonly used in daily application. Fibre can be distinguished according to there burning behavior when they comes in contact with nude flame.
Wool- When it comes in contact with flame get shrink initially. Smell of burning hair. Flame didn't propogate. Leave black Crushable ash.
Cotton- propogate flame as cotton comes in contact with flame with yellow flame. Smell of burning paper. Leave grey white ash.
Silk- Burns slowly, but does not melt. It shrinks from the flame. Smell of charred meat (some say like burned hair).
Synthetic fibre- mostly synthetic fibre shrink when they come in contact with flame. Smell like burning coal tar. Dark black beeds leave after burnout.

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