What are the benefits of using pure cotton bed sheets?

Cotton bedsheets any day! This is because there are 3 main benefits of using pure cotton bed sheets. I will tell you what they are and also give you a quick guide on choosing the best sheets.

The first benefit is softness:

Pure cotton bedsheets are soft! They are easy on your skin and have every little or no friction burn. This is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Extremely breathable:

Pure cotton bedsheets are extremely breathable. This is because cotton is a natural material and will ventilate better as compared to synthetic sheets that absorb the heat. So come rain, sun or snow, in your cotton bed sheets, you will snore!
Cotton is known to last much longer than synthetic materials. Some would even say that it gets better with each wash!
Now that you know why pure cotton bed sheets are always a good bet, let me tell you how to choose the right sheets.
-Type of cotton: There are many types of cotton you can choose from. They include organic, Egyptian, Pima, Supima, etc. Pima is probably the most favored option as it is soft, breathable and long-lasting. Other types of cotton have different characteristics; one should research and see which is best suited for their needs.
-Weave: Pay special attention to the weave as it can completely change to feel of your sheets. There are various types of the weave to choose from. The most common is percale - it is light and has a crisp feel after washing which is something many people prefer.
- Quality: Look for sheets with higher thread count and more grams per square meter. These will be indicative of quality sheets.

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